Why Empire Vehicle Solutions?

Empire Vehicle Solutions Group Ltd has been built on a deep love of cars combined with an absolute appreciation for quality customer service. Established since 2018, but the passion for cars has been in the blood stream of the family well over 25 years. The EVS family have had their hands in purchasing and distributing vehicles from classical Bluebirds to the latest Range Rovers. Together, with a meticulous eye for detail, EVS puts the client first every time.

Bad Credit Applications Welcome

Empire Vehicle Solutions take all applications for Car Finance & Car Leasing, even if you have poor credit! Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting your dream car today!

The EVS Sourcing System

Finding your car will not be any issue for our team of car enthusiasts, who will exclusively arrange a choice of cars up to your standards; so no headache finding your dream car.

Pick a car from the choices you will be provided with, then pick a deal! Make sure you’re strapped up; our offers will keep you off your seat!

Now it’s your turn, drive your car away today. Make your dream to reality!

"One Policy from One Family"

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